Questions On The Products

How long does the soap last?

-Soap lasts depending on how often its used how you are using it, and how its stored. A bar of soap will last a long time if you let it air dry between uses and do not let it sit in water. Make sure to let it air dry and sit on something that will allow excess water to drain off of it. It will last a very long time for washing the face and hands. It won't expire so that isn't something to be concerned about. 

What should I consider for products if I'm pregnant? 

-Our products are safe and made with natural ingredients, however with different essential oils in them for scents is where to be careful. For a regular person any scent is safe and great!

We recommend our unscented lotion and soap with of course other ones being safe also like lavender, citrus, bergamot, frankincense, and cucumber charcoal soaps and lotions. 

 For women who are pregnant these are the essential oils that are recommended to stay away from during your pregnancy if you are not used to essential oils (it's a long list but helps to have the info): Keep in mind not every woman will be sensitive to these oils.



-Black Pepper




-Cinnamon Bark


-Clary Sage



- Cypress








-Tea Tree





-Roman Chamomile





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