Our Skin Resolution 

Your skin is unique to you and it's your body's largest organ. Your skin absorbs 60-70% of what you put on it everyday! That's a significant amount and that makes me dedicated to making natural products without harmful ingredients! 

What you put on your skin isn't the only concern you should have. The reason why we came up with this skin resolution is because its a life change, a skin change, and body change. Your skin is a reflection of what is really happening inside your body. That's why it's so important not just what you put on your body, but in your body! 

We put together a four step program of how to get your skin and body healthy. No one was ever meant to endure rashes and pain, embarrassment or shame. We were meant to have healthy bodies and that includes our skin! Why wait another day to take another medication for a skin issue or digestive problems? Sometimes those are needed but they don't have to be when you can heal the inside of your body which will in turn, heal your skin. 



1. Use Clean Skin Products

It's a big deal when it comes to the products you put onto your skin each and every day. Since your skin is like a giant sponge, soaking up everything you put on, you need to be careful with what you are choosing. Everything that your skin absorbs and goes right to your blood stream & lymphatic system. It's completely different than eating something because your digestive system is filtering some of the food as well as your excretory system. Your skin doesn't have that filtering system. What goes in, stays in. Of course we all sweat and that is one way that our bodies eliminate toxins. However if your body is not 100% healthy, chances are you aren't eliminating wastes or toxins correctly.  

When it comes to skin issues, many people have to use medicated products to help with their rashes, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis,  acne, and sometimes even dry skin. The first step, even though it won't solve the problem on its own, is switching your skin products to natural based ones. This mean getting rid of ingredients like: parabens, phthalates, tricolsan, synthetic fragrances, aluminum, DEA, BHT & BHA. All of these cause different skin and health problems from hormone issues to brain function. We will have an article in our blog soon explaining what ingredient names to look out for in products. If you use a lotion, soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, makeup, or anything on your skin, remember to check what is in them. To ease into it, start with two things that you use most everyday.

This won't be so overwhelming and then it will get easier to eventually switch all the products you use. Our products here at Eden Wellness ,  are uniquely one of a kind, yet contain simple and clean ingredients. Our lotions are amazingly moisturizing for the skin, but also provide probiotics for the skin and leave skin feeling smooth with our goat milk and kefir in them. Our soaps are wonderful for skin to cleanse our impurities and dirt as well as help dry and irritated skin. We have other products as well like our salves and essential oil rollers. We believe essential oils play a large role in improving skin health. These aren't the only products to choose from but they are great ones if you choose to use them! Specially formulated and hand crafted, we believe in natural skin care! Some resources I like to use if I am shopping for a shampoo is EWG. There is an app you can get for free on your phone or go online. Its a natural data base where you can look up many items to see where they place on their safe meter. Its a great and easy way to see if ingredients in what you are using are safe! So remember to choose natural probiotic products for your skin!

2. Probiotics & Kefir For The Skin

Probiotics are good bacteria. Yes, bacteria. You may have cringed as I just mentioned good bacteria. It's true, we actually need good bacteria in our gut and on our skin! When you are born, your skin gets exposed to different bacteria, where as in the womb it's sterile. It's really what helps keep your skin barrier healthy so other foreign things can't enter that aren't supposed to.


There is up to 1 billion organisms per square inch alive on your skin! Your skin bacteria changes as you age and so you have to take into account what stage your body is going through. As your skin micro-biome changes, your skin may also be subject to surprises like antibiotics, harmful skin products, stress, hormones problems, and environmental toxins. Of course you won't be able to keep every one of those things from harming your skin but what matters is what you can do to help repair it. Probiotics help your skin have good bacteria to fight off organisms and bad bacteria that are not suppose to be there. They also help moisturize your skin and decrease inflammation of your skin! You can try doing a kefir or a yogurt face mask by spreading it on your face and allow it to sit on there for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and be amazed on how smooth your skin will feel! It also allows your skin to soak in wonderful probiotics. You can also try our kefir lotions and soaps to experience probiotics for you skin and see your skin moisturized, smoothed, and lessen inflammation

3. Probiotics For Your Gut

Just like using probiotics for your skin you need to have them for your body inside as well. Probiotics help your immune system to fight off bad bacteria when you get sick or experience something that your body knows is foreign or inflamed. They also will help your digestion and gut lining. It's important to know that a good probiotic has to be sought out. Refrigerated kinds are best as the quality is high. If you don't want to necessarily start with a capsule probiotic to take, we highly recommend kefir above anything else. Plain goat milk kefir is best and it wonderful to consume 1-2 times daily. We have more info on this in our goat milk and kefir soap and lotion facts page. It's easy to digest because it's fermented and is a wonderful whole food to add to your diet. Putting it into a smoothie is wonderful and then adding things like spinach, berries, chia seeds, hemp seeds, maca root, and more can make is a nourishing and delicious smoothie! If you do want to try a capsule form probiotic. SBO Probiotics from: DrAxe.com are a high quality probiotic and have herbs that help support digestion as well. There are other probiotics that are good as well, but always remember to check what else is added with it. We believe kefir is one of the best ways for your body to get probiotics. Kefir is rich in lactobacillus acidophilus and bifiobacterium  bifidium. It also has large amounts of lactic acid bacteria and beneficial yeast. Kefir also has many vitamins and minerals and helps boost your immunity! 

4. Finding Food Allergies & Eating Healthy For Your Body.

When you think of food allergies, you probably think of someone's throat swelling up, turning red, and not able to breath because they just ate something that had peanut butter. Well I'm here to tell you that doesn't always happen when you are allergic to something. People do have anaphylactic reactions (1st responses) to some foods and it does happen. These are called IgE responses. It's your body's way of telling you that you just ate something that is highly and immediately toxic to your body. These are common for some people but what is more common is the allergies that 95% of people have but may not know it. Your body is programmed differently than anyone, even your family. It's not a genetic thing. It's what your "blue print" is. No two people are the same and that also applies to what we eat. Your body is made up of different proteins and your blood will react to different proteins in food. Every food has a protein.It kind of weird to thing but the make-up of each food is different and has a specific protein. Now have you ever ate something and then a little while after had a stomach ache, headache, or gas? Those are not just food sensitivities. Throw that word out the window. Forget food sensitivities, its food allergies i'm talking about. If your body is sensitive to something, it's allergic to it! It all just depends on how high of an allergic reaction do you have? Before finding out what was causing my skin issues I knew one thing had to be off. The food I was eating. We live in such a fast pace world that we never make time to make a home cooked dinner and sit down and chew every bite. We rush and swallow our food and then wonder why we feel bloated or sick. Most of the time we are actually eating foods that are toxic to our bodies. Whether you eat a clean diet, paleo diet, keto diet, eat junk food, eat organic; it doesn't matter. You maybe have even done detoxes or diets and felt good after them but, however, you were not consistently healthy. 

You are probably thinking I am crazy right now, but it's true. Since our bodies blue prints are so different, you may be able to eat something but someone else can't-that's just it, your blue print is your body's nutritional needs. You have to start thinking about eating for your individual needs. What I mean by that is finding out what food are not toxic to you. There is no one size fits all diet. Whether it is healthy food or not doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy for your body. Illness are our body's way of telling us something is wrong. Most of the time we ignore the small symptoms and eventually they turn into a chronic issue but we don't know how it got there. The right food is your first and best medicine! Most medical doctors really do not know what's good for you to eat or what's right for your body because they don't test for it. So I am sharing it with you so you don't have to grow weary from trying so many things to help whatever issue you have. You could think of toxic foods as your enemies. Guess what helps you identify your enemies? A blood test. Sounds different than a skin test or electro dermal screening right?  These are not bad ways to test they just don't catch your body's other food allergies that are less noticeable. These are your IgG responses (2nd responses) to food. Now IgE responses (serious anaphylactic), are noticed a couple minutes- to a hour couples after eating something. You will generally figure out by the third or forth time you eat something and the same thing happens that that is the food you need to stay away from, its easy to identify.  IgG responses on the other hand are harder to figure out. These reactions can happen from a couple hours to 3 days before you notice reactions and some reactions you may not realize.

Your body deals with inflammation and certain foods will cause that. If you wanted to figure out your IgG responses it would almost be impossible as you would have to eat and then not eat for 3 days straight and try to figure out what food or ingredients caused your body inflammation. A blood print test is the best way to figure this out. Maybe you still think you may not need to do one, but I guarantee everyone is allergic to something if they don't know if yet or you would be perfectly healthy! Food allergies can affect your body is so many ways. It could be anything simple to feeling bloated, phlem, having headaches, digestive problems, arthritis, IBS, fatigue, anxiety, mental & behavior disorders, back pain, and the list goes on.

Remember, these are not normal symptoms to have, your body is telling you something is wrong! You weren't meant to live with pain and just get used to problems. Eating toxic foods that you are allergic to will over time create chronic issues. It's time to take charge and take a step to better your health. This may be one step for you to start getting healthy and maybe not the only one but it is the best first one!


A simple blood print test is done through a company called: Immuno Labs. They have been testing for 40 years and have so much knowledge on how your body and food can be medicine if you learn what the right ones are for you! This test is not like any other because their testing is accurate where as other labs don't get consistent results. They will also help you find other foods to use as substitutes so you can thrive! Once you find out your allergies you can now stop putting toxic food into your body and eliminate them! Your test will have foods on a scale of 1-4. 4 being the most toxic and 1 less toxic. The key is to eliminate all those for 6 months- a year and then retest to see if you are not allergic to less foods! Your body is then starting to heal! It can be hard at first to eliminate some of the foods, especially if it was a staple in your diet. Remember, your body doesn't know moderation. It only knows whats good or bad for it. Eliminating all 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s is best so you can heal from inflammation

Here is how to get ahold of the test: visit www.immunolabs.com and find their lab tests.

You will want to get the Blood Print test. This will test IgG responses. You can see the price on their website. Now if you

are interested but you can't afford that price, I have some other resources and you can email us and ask

about the allergy testing. Depending on where you are from we can get you cheaper resources! 

This particular test, tests 154 different foods and you will have to get your blood taken but its easy and 

you get your results within a couple weeks or less. I do not get paid anything to share this info with you, 

this is part of our skin resolution of tips and we have personally done this and seen great results. Why

would we not want to share this! With all this allergy testing and eating for your body it is still best to stay 

away from sugar and gluten.

Even if you are not allergic to gluten it is still hard for your body to digest it and 

it will cause some inflammatory responses. Gluten today is not the same as gluten in grains used to be in the past. 

Gluten and grains used to be easy to digest before GMOs and processing came along. Our food just isn't the same 

anymore. Sugar also causes inflammation so try to use healthier options if you aren't allergic to them such as: raw honey, 

real maple syrup, stevia(natural sweetener), or coconut sugar. These will still suffice your sweet tooth, but remember to not to over do it. 

Stay Positive

As you continue on your journey to better health and better skin, we hope these tips and steps help you change 

your condition and erase skin issues! Remember to stay positive and know that this is your journey to feeling better! Doing one part of the steps won't get you the full results, but when combining them all you will see a difference and see change. It's about change your habits and lifestyle. Remember to see yourself as an individual and know that you can change your health by what you use and put in your body!  

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