Our Ingredients

Why our ingredients make our products so great! 


Goat Milk- Organic and produced from

a local certified organic dairy. We use raw milk for the best benefits.

Goat Milk Kefir- Made with active/live kefir grains with organic goat milk and cultured for maximum probiotics. We use raw for the most benefits.

Coconut oil- Retains moisture content of skin, protects your skin from microbial infections, provides comfort to chapped skin, repairs skin, and gives it a healthy glow. We use raw, extra virgin, & unrefined coconut oil.

Avocado Oil-Helps retain water in your skin, moisturizes the skin, treats skin issues, soothes itchy and dry skin, and shields against wrinkles and fine lines. We use unprocessed avocado oil. 

Olive Oil-Antioxidant protection, doesn't clog pores, enhances your exfoliating routine, and helps prevent free radical damage to your skin! We use extra virgin olive oil. 

Almond oil-Great for sensitive skin, even for babies! Protects skin against UV radiation damage, keeps skin soft, easily absorbs into the skin, helps skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc. We use cold pressed almond oil.  

Shea ButterWonderful moisturizer, helps strengthen skin and repair damage, helps acne, stretch marks, and scars. We use raw & unrefined shea butter. 

Cacao Butter-Wonderful moisturizer, helps ease dermatitis & rashes. We use raw & unrefined cacao butter. 

Rice Bran OilHydrating, anti-aging, helps with wrinkles & fine lines, smoothes skin tone, and maintains hydration. We use cold pressed rice bran oil. 

Therapeutic Essential Oils- We use a combination or organic & therapeutic grade essential oils in our products!

Our Soap is Cold Pressed to ensure the probiotics are not killed. Kefir and essential oils are added last to our products in order to preserve their wonderful qualities. 

*Our products 'cannot cure or heal' but rather improve and help with all kinds of health and skin issues. 

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