Benefits Of Using

Our Goat Milk Kefir Bar Soap

The benefits of our bar soap are endless. They are not only natural but are easy to take with you wherever you go. 

1. Bar soap lasts longer when properly kept. A bar of soap will last a long time if you can keep it on something that will let it drain and air dry. It will stay hard instead of sitting in water and losing its shape. It will also suds up with a very small amount when you use a sponge or wash cloth.

2. Bar soap is easier to travel with than pump or bottle soaps and body washes. You don't have to worry about it leaking, opening, or not being the right size to take on a plane. You can take it anywhere, just find a simple container to store it in when you travel. 

3. It doesn't have preservatives! Many body wash and liquid soaps have preservatives in them so they don't go bad or let bacteria grow in them. Bar soap if a great choice because you never have to worry about it going bad or have nasty chemicals in it!


4. Multi-Purpose. Our bar soap is a multi-purpose soap. You can use it on your face, hands and body! It wouldn't hurt you if you ever got it in your mouth either (except it wouldn't taste good). It's nice to buy less products to have when you can just use one for almost anything for washing! 

5. Cost saving. Bar soap is also cost saving because it's so multi-purpose you don't have to buy separate body washes, hand soaps, or even for men shampoo or shaving soap! It's a "all in one" package! 

6. Soothing and skin repairing help! Since our bar soaps have goat milk and goat milk kefir in them, there are even more benefits for you skin with nourishing probiotics, vitamins, and minerals! Read more on our facts page:)

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